Don Junior Has Got a Nasty Surprise For Trump-Haters Hidden Under His Sport Coat

It’s easy to imagine President Trump sitting behind the Resolute Desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue smiling at the thought of his namesake making him proud. Donald Trump Junior, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has long been a conservative advocate of Republican principals. And no party platform point is nearer and dearer to his heart than the preservation of the Second Amendment.

Sources close to the newly single Trump say he applied for a concealed weapon permit in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, just before separating from his wife, Vanessa.

Page Six reports he was issued the permit just hours before news broke that Vanessa Trump had filed for divorce.

Check it out per the Daily Caller:

The permit lasts for five years and is valid in many other states, excluding New York, where one of Trump’s primary residences is.

Trump Jr. is a longtime hunter and reportedly remains one of the President’s most trusted advisers when it comes to gun laws. Sources close to the Trumps say the first son has routinely lobbied his father to stay faithful to the Second Amendment.

Page Six also reports that Donald Trump Jr. and his younger brother, Eric, recently purchased a 171-acre farm in Wingdale, NY, to use as a hunting retreat. Locals who live near the property have said the area “sounds like a war zone” when the Trumps are in town. Which seems absolutely incredible.

The United States of America has a long history of responsible gun ownership and enthusiasm. By and large, most Americans are careful with their firearms… But just like anything, there are people that use them for criminality or leave them improperly stored when not in use.

Should we really penalize everyone else for these people’s mistakes? No, we should not. And furthermore, there’s a really good reason for the Second Amendment that is rarely brought up.

American citizens are supposed to retain weapons to keep the power of the government and military in check. If the government ever becomes oppressive, like during the Revolutionary War, then it’s up to private citizens to take back the land from the oppressors.

We salute you Don Junior!

Are you proud to call the Trumps your First Family?